Good day everyone, my name is Raymond, Justice Investment Now, site owner. I’m a friendly Men who likes nothing more than Sport and Earn Money. The first thing people often notice about me is my warm smile, closely followed by my funny personality.

I am a Melbourne based CFO, leading maintenance about all financial in and out also Company’s Cash flow. I have more than five years of commercial and Accounting experience. I have worked with top Bank in Melbourne, including in Sydney, Singapore, and London. I hold a degree from the Melbourne Institute and have studied a minor course in London. Over the past decade, I have brought my eclectic style to a variety of projects and multiple countries, including bars and restaurants in Sydney.

My work has been featured in some high Economic University like Melbourne University, where I was profiled as a ‘rising star’ in the economic community. and I will share all my insight about financial and investment also lifestyle in this blog every once a week.

Love, Ashley.